Hear you me my friends?


I did it again and just wanted to share.

As you can tell the girl from the footage is so me ;D



  1. Hey Susi,

    Hoffe dir geht´s gut.
    Ich bin übrigens wieder 8unter den bloggern :)
    Lieben Gruß

    Eye von Orchid Style

  2. Schatzi! This was such a fun video!:D

    It's nice to see you smiling and laughing, I hope all is well now. I hope you were able to see my IMATS post, I took a lot of pictures for you to see.:D

    Send me an email whenever you are free.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. Hi, Susi! :)
    It's been a long time! You sound great! <3
    I absolutely love the footages! So fun and real!

    xoxo, Bree


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  5. sounds really good :)


  6. Wow, ich kann nur sagen du hast so eine bezaubernde Stimme. ♥
    Und dein Video sieht richtig toll aus. Wie hast du das hinbekommen? Welches Programm hast du dafür benutzt? :)


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